Comb Your Hair Often

Hey Y’all, Today we’re back with our tips for curly & kinky hair!

The History:

Black hair has evolved for many centuries and has undeniably helped shape the multifaceted landscape represented by hair and its beauty. It sets a template for various dialogues involving politics, social commentary, and cultural identity. Black-haired dialogue evolved from ancient history and continues to be a topic of interest in modern times.

Tip #1:

Combing your hair is one of the most important steps in your hair routine so that is why when combing make sure to do it gently and carefully. it is also important to do that with the right combs and brushes. Most people do this with brushes and combs that are not suitable for their curly / kinky hair. Such combs break and destroy your hair without you noticing it, and of course you don’t do it intentionally which is why we recommend the denim brush and white tooth comb! These combs are much better for your hair and have a positive impact. Last tip but also not least is that you DO NOT brush your hair from the top to bottom, you always start from the bottom to the top, that way you know you are removing every tangle in your hair.

How to properly detangle your hair:

Taking care of your afro is easy as long as you use the right products and take your time! Before you style your afro, you need to detangle it properly. It’s best to detangle your hair when it’s still wet, and you can use a leave-in conditioner and natural oils to moisturise your hair. Comb through your hair in small sections and twist or braid each section as you go. Once your hair is combed through, take a plucking wand and comb through from roots to ends. Pat your afro down to give it a nice round shape. With a little patience and practice, your afro will look great!

Combs you should NOT use to detangle you hair !!!